Research Firm Koyal Group Appoints New Chief Commodities Analyst




August 09, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- According to C.E.O Mr. Edward Neilson at Koyal Group, the shakeup has caused the board of directors to reconsider their investment strategy in the commodities sector. C.E.O Mr. Neilson believes that the sector is no longer a haven of safe returns, and a more aggressive strategy needs to be adopted. 

After a long interview process by the board of directors and C.E.O Mr. Neilson; they have decided on a veteran of the industry, William Johnson-Hall (51). Mr. Johnson-Hall, originally from New Haven in Connecticut, attended Mt Saint Mary´s just north of New York City for his undergraduate work and then went on to Fordham to complete a masters in economics. He began his career in 1983 trading on the commodities floor on Wall Street and rose steadily in JP Morgan, eventually becoming a chief analyst in 2007. 

During a recent interview, Mr. Johnson-Hall said, "I hope that I can bring some new and innovative ideas to the department. Many traders are still suffering from the huge hit gold has taken this year, but there are so many commodities still worth investing in. I´m also very excited to relocate to Tokyo. Having spent my entire life in the NYC area, this will be something completely new and different for me." 

C.E.O Mr. Edward Neilson has been quite impressed with some of the ideas that Mr. Johnson-Hall has proposed, such as investing in the canned food market which has posted very steady returns over the last year. 

Mr Nathan Andrews, Head of Investment Analysis at Koyal Group said "It's always good to know you are working with the best in the industry, Mr. Johnson-Hall's reputation precedes him, and so we have high expectations".